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Health Scheme for Undergraduate Students (Local)



  1. Students who have registered with UPM & have paid the medical fees.
  2. From the date of registration until the completion of studies (on the date of confirmation of the results by the Senate).
  3. Place of treatment at : University Health Center, UPM or any Government Hospitals in Malaysia or University Hospitals in Malaysia (UMMC/HUKM/HUSM).
  4. For ward admission (with UPM Guarantee Letter), students are entitled into 2nd class wards at any Government/University Hospitals in Malaysia.
  5. Examination, test & treatment at University Health Center UPM/Government/University Hospital in Malaysia for common and acute illness only.


  1. University Putra Malaysia only accepts Medical Certificate issued by - Medical Officers of University Health Center UPM or Medical Officers from any Government Hospitals/University Hospitals in Malaysia. Medical Certificate from Private Hospital must be endorsed by Medical Officers of University Health Center, UPM.


  1. Students suspended from their studies.
  2. Students who have failed their examinations and who have been terminated from their studies.
  3. Students who have deferred their studies (eligible if student paid medicals fees for the deferred semester).
  4. Family planning services eg. Insertion or removal of IUCD, oral contraceptive pills.
  5. Antenatal and obstetric, postnatal services, abortion and or complications arising from pregnancy.
  6. Supply of medical, surgical & dental aid such as spectacles, hearing aid, prosthesis, dentures ect.
  7. Dental services in University Health Center, UPM.
  8. Treatment at private clinics/hospitals or admission into a First Class ward at any Government Hospitals in Malaysia.
  9. Medical examination or treatment at the National Heart Institute (Institut Jantung Negara/IJN). 
  10. Immunization services.
  11. Any medical examinations for entrance to UPM or any other universities.
  12. Treatment for renal dialysis, Hepatitis B or C/ HIV (AIDS), Leukemia.Cancer or other chronic diseases.
  13. Request for any laboratory and X-ray investigation deemed unnecessary.


Updated:: 05/05/2017 [syahid]


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